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Fall 2013 Updates--Lots of news!

Posted by Liv on October 23, 2013 at 1:50 PM

It's been a while since I've updated this. In about June/July, I last posted here. Now it's October...almost Halloween. A lot has happened since i've last posted a blog entry. For one, I became a researcher on the site. This heavily affected my ability to write since I had to focus on other things, but now I've balanced both things evenly. Secondly, I became a judge in Computerfan's 2013 Competition. It was an exciting feeling for me and it shows how far I've come. I used to be a small, freelance writer on the site but now I've ascended to places where I could never imagine I would be in. 

I could never have gotten there without you guys. Over the summer, during the New Leaf burst since it was just released, I didn't have the game. Since I didn't have the game, I sorta just wrote a lot. ((I got the game in August. I love it! ))

That caused me to get way ahead on Perfection and the Hacker 3. That ended up helping out later, with researcher and judge jobs. For the most part, things went smoothly. In about the latter half of September (I want to say approximately, I'm unsure), the unexpected happened. 

Computerfan resigned as host and gave me rights to the competition. Everything from the main thing to Battle of the Best (also known as BOTB) was now mine. It was so surreal. Still is now. I took over the competition because it has stood as a symbol of Computerfan's fanfiction contributions to ACC and a symbol of achievement and admiration for writers on the site. As a younger kid, I looked up to that and admired everyone involved. Winning it, becoming a judge, and now owning it is just...crazy honestly. 

But anyways, I have a lot on my plate. xD I'm fine with it though. I love researching and I love running the competition. I didn't want to let it fall in the gutter. This year honestly is rocky because of inactivities but I estimate this will wrap up sometime in winter/spring of 2014, then over the summer/fall I'll be holding auditions for the 2014 competition and I hope a lot will be different by then. One thing to inwardly note is that I'll be a busy senior but I'm going to strap on the challenges as much as possible. 

As of right now, Perfection and the Hacker 3 is wrapping up! The last chapter will be posted tonight. The very last chapter. It's quite astonishing. It feels like yesterday I posted the first chapter for PATH 1. An epilogue will be posted Friday then...that's it. It's not going to be locked yet though. I'm keeping it open until January 2014, which will be PATH's 3 year anniversary. Then it will be closing later that week. It will be very weird to not see Perfection and the Hacker on the board anymore. To make things clear, there will be no PATH 4. I know I said the same thing about there being no PATH 2, but I mean it this time. d=

In the interim, I will be working on rewrites so estimate that sometime after PATH 3 closes, there will be a PATH 1 rewrite. It will have much more description than the old PATH 1. It'll still contain the same charm and material but it will have more description, fixed typos, and stuff like that. In the meanwhile, you can entertain yourself by reading The Time Traveler, my newest addition to the boards. It's about a mayor that discovers the art of time traveling and changes everything.  My summary sucks but you'll like it. ;D 

Anyways, I can't thank you guys enough for all the support you've given me! I honestly can't believe how far I've come, and it's all because of you! Without the votes, the comments, the friendships, I don't know what I'd be on ACC. Everything has been amazing and again, I have to thank you guys.   =-D *inserting the nose because this markup is terrible* Please continue to support me as this chapter closes, and another one opens.  

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